JOS_MAR_A_Y_EL_NI_O_JES_S_thumb_2_Our Father who art in heaven ,
own truth , time and eternity :
Yours is the present and the future , the past and the future ..
At year end 2013 , on its own behalf and mine ,
we give thanks for all that we receive from you.
Thank you for the family you gave us, for life and love,
air and sun, joy and pain,
for all that was possible and so it could not be .
Thanks for having us in your true Church.
Here is everything we did this past year .
The work that we were able to ,
things that passed through our hands,
and what they were able to build positive .
Also, Lord , today we want to apologize .
Forgiveness for our sins , for the evil we have done ,
for time lost, money wasted ,
by omissions by the word useless and wasted love.
Sorry for the empty works and bad work
made . And sorry for living without enthusiasm.
Also for prayer, which gradually
we were postponing and so far we do to thank
all you have given us.
For all our forgetfulness, carelessness and silence.
Again we ask forgiveness , Lord.
We begin a new year and stop our lives ,
before the new calendar yet unworn .
We present these future 365 days, that only you know who
get to live them complete. If not the end …
You help us to die in sanctifying grace ,
come – after – sincerely contrite
the tribunal of the confessional .
Today we pray for each of us :
peace and joy, strength and prudence , charity and wisdom ,
commitment to be faithful and always live in your grace ,
for only in Gracia secure way transits . only
fool does not understand this , so we ask
We take away any band that blind us
our stupidity .
Lord , help us to be zealous
your glory and your Church, and live only
by Ti , Ti and Ti .
We live each day with optimism and kindness,
carried everywhere, a heart full of
understanding and peace always seek the truth of your Word .
Let us start anything of it, because your faith is our greatest treasure.
You closed our ears , all slander, the false doctrines
against your word . And our lips , to lies ,
selfish , biting or hurtful . Open , however , our being to all that is good.
May our spirit fill only blessings,
and spill our way. Fill us with goodness and joy,
so that all who live with us , or those who come ,
are in our life , a bit of IT .
Thank you Lord for everything and forgive us our debts
with you. Guide us on the path all the way
narrow to allow us one day enter through the narrow door
and be in your lap to bless eternal
for ever and ever. If it is necessary for you to use
your right hand to shake us beforehand accept
any grief and pain that are difficult .
Give us a happy 2014 and teach us to love living
always in your grace, and follow with full fidelity.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings of the past year
well as you pour the initiator .

Immaculate Heart of Mary, chained to your heart
to all my family.
Amen .1948485440_1372555454

Happy New Year!